• Sex: Feminized
  • Genotype: Mostly Indica
  • Cross: Skunk #1 x Afghani Hash
  • Location: indoor, outdoor
  • Height: High
  • THC: High
  • CBD: Medium
  • Availability: In stock
6,00 €

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General characteristics

Feminized hemp seeds of the breed Super Skunk are produced by strong and powerful plants. Because of both cannabis gens consisting in its formula, the crop is characterized by high stress-resistance and is hassle-free. The plant is cool to excessive use of fertilization, being resistant to fungi infections and the growing conditions far to be ideal. To form a thin crown, specialists do recommend topping: this method gives opportunity not only to control the sprouts growth, but also it allows the plant to produce several colas simultaneously. The Super Skunk strain has an excellent reputation. This is one of the most famous hemp strains known worldwide.  


Feminized hemp seeds of the breed Super Skunk were obtained through crossing of Afghan indica and Skunk#1, the genetic content of which represent a truly luxurious mix. The crop demonstrates an enviable potential, that provides it with resistance to any vicissitudes that may appear during breeding outdoors.

Flavour and effect

Super Skunk fills the space with a relaxed spice-sweetish aroma, pierced with citrus flavours combined with skunk. Due to the fact, that the THC level of resin reaches 24%, the plant has a strong sedative impact. After taking some buds, let your body feel a massive wave of delight and relax, which will wash all your troubles and hardship far away.

Medical use

The healing potential produced by Super Skunk allows use it for treatment of various affective disorders, insomnia and pains of various genesis. The plant is being frequently used to stabilize the patient’s mental condition, who is suffering different disorders. The hemp strain can produce a significant antispasmodic effect, eliminating the symptoms of nausea and sickness after chemotherapy. Besides, using this plant, it is possible to enhance the appetite, that generally produces a positive effect on the patient’s health condition.

Breeding features

Initially, the feminized hemp seeds of the breed Super Skunk were created for the indoor breeding, but the growers understood with time, that the plant is quite good either while breeding outdoors. This strain is hassle-free, but let’s pay attention to the fact that in the initial phase of flowering, the plant needs additional fertilization. When growing the Super Skunk hemp strains, it is recommended to provide the sprouts with enough space, because there is no good for the plant to be potted too close to other hemp strains.


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