CRITICAL+ Feminized

  • Sex: Feminized
  • Genotype: Mostly indica
  • Cross: Skunk x Bigbud
  • Location: indoor, outdoor
  • Height: Medium
  • THC: 18
  • CBD: Medium
  • Availability: In stock
5,50 €

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General characteristics

At the cannabis market, the feminized hemp seeds of the breed Critical+ have been known for quite a long time, boasting with its high popularity until today. The plant features with its kind temper, thus even beginner grower will be able to meet some of the issues arising during the process of breeding. The Critial+ germinations demonstrate an intensive development and fleeting flowering. For a long time, the yields have become the peculiarity of the strain Critical+, providing the plant with the universal recognition. During flowering, the sprouts produce huge buds, that exclude rather harsh aroma.


Critical+ continues to amaze growers by its high performance capabilities produced due to complex genetic structure. The genetic strain’s set is made up of intricacies of sativa and indica genes. Feminized hemp seeds of the breed Critical+ were obtained though combining the strong Big Bud strain and Skunk strain well known by its recognizable flavour. High quality of the strain contributed to its winning the Highlife Cup in Barcelona.

Flavour and effect

A strong scent of Critical+ will blow you away with a massive wave of positive energy and perfect mood. This hemp strain is the ideal choice for a difficult day: the strain’s buds produce massive tonic effect on your mind, intensifying brain functions, hereby provoking explicit corporal relaxation that will help to maintain calm and patience even in challenging situations.

Medical use

The Critical+ hemp strain contains two genes of cannabis, that converted it to be a panacea for melancholy and depression. Furthermore, the plant helps to cope with the waves of nausea arising from taking some potent substances. Also, it is able to improve the appetite in people with serious illnesses, thereby facilitating their quick recovery. As a bonus, the Critical+ hemp strain is considered to be an excellent remedy for pain, constant stress and autism.

Breeding features

The spouts produced by the feminized hemp seeds of the breed Critical+ are absolutely hassle-free, thus you can start the breeding right away, even if your experience as a cannabis grower leaves much to be desired. Thin and elegant plants have massive internodes, providing them with great transparency, that in its turn, enables the buds to be fully developed even at the lower branches. The plant possesses high adaptive capabilities and is stress resistant, that’s there is no reason for the grower to be worried about: even slightly violating the technology for growing the plant will provide you with the best yield.


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