CHEESE Feminized

  • Sex: Feminized
  • Genotype: Mostly Indica
  • Cross: Old School UK Skunk x Afghani
  • Location: indoor, outdoor
  • Harvest: Mid October
  • THC: 17%
  • CBD: Medium
  • Availability: In stock
5,50 €

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General characteristics

Feminized hemp seeds of the breed Cheese represent rather a finicky plant, but with proper care it poses no problem in the process of breeding. Despite its rebel temperament, Cheese strain is hugely popular among the growers, who year by year buy the strain’s seeds to get a generous yield of buds excluding a unique cheese flavour.  Cheese variety is one of the most English gourmets’ loved hemp strain, who do appreciate its flavoured set. During vegetation, the strain’s plants actively produce a large amount of long lateral branching resembling elegant vine branches. In general, the plant is considered to be fruitful enough, and if you are able to create perfect conditions for the breeding, the plant will probably surprise you with its high reproductive potential.


The genetic potential of the Cheese strain is driven by the presence of Afghan indica in its composition, which in its turn is combined with the Mexican and Colombian sativa. Given that there is a strong scent produced by the strain, it is uneasy to guess that feminized hemp seeds of the breed Cheese was obtained through merging of the Exodus Cheese Cut and Skunk #1 hemp strains.

Flavour and effect  

Besides its generous cheese aroma, the Cheese hemp strain can boast of the formidable cannabinoid content containing in its resin that can reach almost 19%. The plant produces a pronounced relaxing effect, perfectly stimulates cerebral activity, lifting your spirits up: now your world is full of bright colours. The strain’s flavored set excludes the pure cheese aroma infusing with a delightful musk-spicy flavours.

Medical use

Cheese – is one of the most demanded hemp strains used to treat various psychological disorders: the plant has shown its best in the fight against the affective, post-traumatical and stress diseases. Furthermore, it perfectly gives the clarity of mind, improves the memory and thoughtful processes that may it applicable to use as part of a complex treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Breeding peculiarities

Under proper care, feminized hemp seeds of the breed Cheese will blow the grower away by its hassle-free grow, meanwhile, to get a better harvest with a magnificent scent, the plant is worthy for being well-treated. Provided the sprouts with sufficient free space, UV radiation and watering, you can always reckon upon the best productivity of the plant.



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