Auto SUPER SKUNK Feminized

  • Sex: Feminized Autoflowering
  • Genotype: Indica
  • Cross: Super Skunk x Unknown Ruderalis
  • Location: indoor, outdoor
  • Plant Height: 50 -120 cm
  • Harvest: 70 days
  • THC: 17%
  • Availability: In stock
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General characteristics

Feminized hemp seeds of auto-flowering breed Auto Super Skunk will please the breeders by simple and easy growing.  Originally, the hybrid was created for growing indoor, and with the course of time it has shown itself as a promising variety for outdoor growing. Elegant structure of stalks, olive greenish colour of leaves and luxurious enormous inflorescences denote predominance of sativa genes in the composition of Auto Super Skunk. It is reliable breed consistently pleasing with dressy harvests and total unpretentiousness. Regardless of sativa genes domination, the strain´s plants are compact in size with impetuous rates of development, and within the flowering phase, as all representatives of this hemp range, are covered by huge crumbly inflorescences.  


The history of Auto Super Skunk has started since that moment, when breeders crossbred Skunk #1 with Afghan indica allowing to get a unique plant possessing high commercial potential. Feminized seeds of hemp of auto-flowering breed Auto Super Skunk possess a mass of redeeming features making them the winners at the professional competitions many times.

Flavour and effect

Splendid favouring palette of Auto Super Skunk charms be sweet citrus aroma with light impurity of skunk and fascinating pungent.  There is a large amount of cannabinoids in the plant’s resin, which attest its potent effect and excellent medical potential. Strain fruitages have tender effect being accompanied by imperceptible relaxation, which allows to free from a mass of problems and give oneself up to pleasant dreams.

Medical use

Even the fans of traditional medicine have seen the true value in therapeutic potential of Auto Super Skunk. The plant perfectly mitigates muscle spasm, eliminates convulsions and stops pain. It is regarded to be an active palliative for headaches, depression and posttraumatic stress disorders.

Breeding features

Even the beginner grower will be able to breed feminized hemp seeds of the auto-flowering breed Auto Super Skunk. The plant is hassle-free, unfussy and has the property of strong adaptation, which allows to survive in any conditions. The grower will need to provide the strain with sufficient capacity of free space in order it to be able to open its productive potential in full. Also, it will be essential to control its growth in case of indoor cultivation.


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