Auto PURPLE SPAIN Feminized

  • Sex: Feminized Autoflowering
  • Genotype: Indica/Sativa
  • Cross: Unknown Hybrid
  • Location: indoor, outdoor
  • Plant Height: Medium
  • THC: High
  • CBD: Medium
  • Availability: In stock
6,50 €

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General characteristics

Feminized hemp seeds ofе the auto-flowering breed Auto Purple Spain produce small sprouts decorated with fantastic purple inflorescences and softly pink trichoma. The flowering phase of the strain is spectacular enough. When growing, keep in mind that the plant bears poorly tight conditions, and thus, if there is no possibility to land the sprouts for a certain distance between each other, it is better to us Auto Purple Spain for cultivation in the individual pots minimum twenty liters in volume.


Auto Purple Spain was found by Spanish manufacturer, which is reflected in the mane of the breed. It was acquired by means of crossing the famous Skunk and powerful Thai sativa. Sativa genes dominate in the hybrid’s composition, and thus, when cultivating indoor the grower should thoroughly control the plant’s growth. Feminized hemp seeds of the auto-flowering breed Auto Purple Spain have recently appeared at the hemp market, and their quality is already worthily evaluated by a number of the professional hemp growers.

Flavour and Effect

Domination of sativa genes has impacted upon the action of Auto Purple Spain. Upon intaking purple inflorescences, a great mood is observed, flavored with light relaxation making this strain ideal for meditation.  During the flowering phase, the strain will please you by classic smell of licorice, and after drying the inflorescences the taste receptor will amaze you by grape odor with light shade of licorice, fresh berries and spices.

Medical use

Therapeutic potential of the Auto Purple Spain strain provides possibility to cope with treatment of bipolar and affective disorder as well as autism and memory defect in terms of retrograde amnesia. Furthermore, breed application helps stabilizing the state of those experienced the strongest emotional shock and those being the state of deep oppression.

Breeding features

Every grower may attempt breeding the feminized hemp seeds of the auto-flowering breed Auto Purple Spain, as this breed perfectly suits for cultivation by different methods. The hybrid is unpretentious, and thus, it guarantees the beginner-hemp grower an easy and simple growing.  By virtue of the genetic peculiarities, the hybrid badly respond to moisture and heat, thus, it is intended for warm climate and even for indoor.


Spanna Seeds are exclusively sold only as a souvenir for adult souvenir and collectible purposes only. Purchasers should be aware that germination of these seeds is illegal in most countries. Spanna Seeds accept no responsibility for those who act in conflict with the law. We advise you to check your local laws before purchasing. All product information is provided ‘as is’, for informational and educational purposes only.