FAQ / How To

Why should you buy our products?

The breeders of the seed-bank work in ideal conditions, which are best suited for interacting with cannabis. For the creating of new varieties or recreating existing we use the best landraces from all parts of the planet, so if you want to find high-quality and powerful cannabis seeds, the catalog of Spanna Seeds certainly can help you!

Where can I buy seeds?

You can find a full list of our authorized distributors here.

How are produced Spanna Seeds?

The seeds are grown in Spain in outdoor conditions. The warm Mediterranean climate allows realizing the full genetic potential of cannabis. We use only organic fertilizers to make our seeds healthy as possible and powerful. Furthermore, one of the last stages of producing is a manual selection.

Are Spanna Seeds fresh?

Our seeds are kept in special storage facilities, with full control of temperature, humidity, and other environmental parameters. That’s why our customers receive the goods in a state almost identical to the original.

How do I need to store the seeds?

It is recommended to keep them in a dark place at a temperature of 6-8 ° C for a preservation of germination as long as possible. It is desirable to store the seeds in a dry and clean condition.

Are our products viable?

Yes. All seeds are tested under optimal conditions, and the plant is allowed to production only with a germination rate of 95% and above. On the stage of manual selection, all the seeds that don’t meet our requirements are utilized.


Disclaimer: we sold Spanna Seeds like souvenirs. We are not responsible for misuse of seeds by buyers.