Who we are

Spanna Seeds, it’s perfectly balanced strains with excellent parameters, as well as many professional breeders that are developing new unique genotypes of cannabis.

Thanks to the excellent Mediterranean climate of Spain, the breeders of the seed-bank can learn and improve the genetics of plants with maximum efficiency and continue to delight growers with the new developments. A truly high-quality elite seeds of cannabis and a huge assortment of various strains are waiting for you in our catalog of products!

All the seeds of our production were bred by the best samples of cannabis. We are looking for the best landraces around the world because the quality of “ingredients” is directly correlated with the quality of the final product.



Even if the original recipe of the strain was created by breeders of another seed bank, we keep it as well as the ratio of genes, then perform additional stabilization to achieve productivity significantly higher than average.

All treatments with plants and seeds are carried out using the most modern and effective tools, and products of Spanna Seeds are stored in the high-tech storage facilities, constructed specifically for maximum long-term preservation of germination and vitality of seeds.

If you want to buy cannabis seeds, which are really high-quality, reliable and powerful, it’s the best place to do that!