We believe that the cultivation of seeds it’s not just matter of time, money and care. Sure, it’s quite enough to get the seeds, but products of really high quality require the highest professionalism at all levels of work of seed-bank, from growing and experimenting with the genetics of strain to storaging.

We can guarantee you maximum attention to all aspects of production as well as perfect and strict compliance with all international breeding standards.

After harvest, the seeds undergo several tests, including manual selection, and only then they are sent to the warehouse with the ideal conditions of temperature and humidity, which allows maintaining 100% germination for a long time.

Now a few words about our assortment. All seeds in the store are feminized, but among them, you can find autoflowering and photoperiodic varieties. The genetics is diverse. Here you can find strains derived by our breeders from zero, and our versions of existing varieties from other manufacturers. One thing is certain, almost every grower will be able to choose the most suitable variety for him in the catalog of “Spannaseeds”.

We sell seeds only to people over 18 years.